CTC & Friends: EARTH DAY reading of Unnamed Dragonfly Species by Juliana Spahr

To mark Earth Day, the CTC and friends present a community recording of Unnamed Dragonfly Species by Juliana Spahr. We read as a reminder of two crucial things at this moment in our history:

– That more and more of the Earth’s vibrant species are becoming extinct or endangered all the time.
– That we humans DO CARE, that we all feel hopeless and helpless at times, but that we are capable of doing more. A huge thank you to our international community of peers, mentors and esteemed poets, for rallying together despite the distance around this important message.


With thanks to:
Cat Chong [@MarbledMayhem]
Laura Hellon [@Laura.Hellon]
Briony Hughes [@BriStaceyHughes BrionyHughes.blogspot.com]
EP Jenkins [@ep.jenkins.poetry]
Tese Uhomoibhi [TeseUhomoibhi.com]
Martina Krajňáková [@martina__maru__]
Tanicia Pratt [TaniciaPratt.com]
Tiffany Charrington [@TiffanyCharrington]
Chloë Proctor [ChloëProctor.me]
JD Howse [JDHowse.com]
Yvonne Litschel [YvonneLitschel.com]
Caroline Harris [@CarolineYolande]
Professor Robert Hampson [RHUL Poetics Research Centre]
Eley Williams [EleyWilliams.com]
Caitlin Bahrey [@CaitlinBahrey]
Rowan Evans [Rowan-Evans.com]
Amy Evans Bauer [@AmyEvansBauer @ShearsmanBooks]
Broc Rossell [@BrocRossell]
CA Conrad [@CAConrad88]
Matt Martin [EocenePress.wordpress.com]
Armorel Weston
Allen Fisher [AllenFisher.co.uk]
Dr Will Montgomery [RHUL Poetics Research Centre]
Ben Pelhan [@BenPelhan]
Sarah Cave [@CavePoet]
Juliana Spahr [@KingTender2].

And also to Cassandra Troyan, Sarah Dawson, and Professor Redell Olsen.

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