The CTC Celebrates: Rabbits, spores, and other companions

The CTC has gathered here to celebrate the launch of Briony Hughes’ Microsporidial with Sampson Low! Microsporidial is a meditation on the impact of an Encephalitozoon cuniculi infection in Briony’s companion animal, Honey. E- cuniculi is a protozoan parasite which primarily affects the brain and spinal cord of rabbits, resulting in head-tilt, paralysis, hind-leg paresis, tremors, cataracts and renal failure. On 13/12/2019 Honey rapidly declined, could no longer stand by herself, and Briony and her partner Laura were told to prepare to put her to sleep.

Within 32 hours, supported by a dedicated veterinary team and against all odds, Honey managed to regulate her body, stand up when rolling over, keep her digestive tract moving, and eventually return home. This collection of micropoems explores the intimacies between a range of bodies – animal, human, parasite and water.

You can purchase a copy from the Sampson Low website here!

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