The CTC Celebrates: Briony, Cat, and The Babel Tower Notice Board

We’re so unbelivably excited to see an excerpt from [complication] by Briony Hughes and Dear Lettera 32 by Cat Chong in the Babel Tower Notice Board!

This gorgeous work on illness, work, waking, and ontological being is available in the featured writing section of Babel’s website!

We are in awe of Briony’s work and were very happy to see it described as an emotive accumulation of wonders!

“As bittersweet as it was to put this out into the world, I couln’t have asked for a more gracious, kind, or enthusiastic readership, thank you to everyone who made September 4th a very special day.” – Cat

They believe streetcake magazine said it best when they tweeted: ‘Enjoy these claustrophobic and tender notes of affection and pondering’.

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