The CTC Supports: The Passenger Pigeon Manifesto – a call to GLAMs

Passenger Pigeon Manifesto

A call to public galleries, libraries, archives, and museums to liberate our cultural heritage. Illustrated with the cautionary tales of extinct species and our lack of access to what remains of them.

This manifesto calls on galleries, libraries, archives, museums, zoos and historical societies all over the world to permit access to digital material on now extinct species.

‘Cultural heritage should not be accessible only for those who can afford paying for it.’

Please consider adding your names to those of Donna Haraway, Staicy Alaimo, and others, calling for the release into the public domain of historical photos of species that have become extinct on account of human actions.

‘Today we are so far ahead in forgetting our past that we came very close to repeating it. Providing free, universal access to culture and knowledge is one of the steps we must take to prevent this.’

Please find the manifesto at the link below!

Thank you!

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