Meet the Tits!


E. P. Jenkins

E.P is a poet and artist from London and the founding member of the Crested Tit Collective. She is currently on the MA Poetic Practice course at Royal Holloway. She works with concrete poetry, digital poetics, and collage. E.P aims to create work within and generated by networks. Her book works can be found in The Wellcome Library, Senate House Library, and the National Poetry library, as well as on her website. She is a big witchy weirdo inspired by folklore, medical history, and the desire to bring back the feminine and the queer to ecological understanding.


Briony Hughes

Briony is a Techne AHRC funded doctoral researcher, based at Royal Holloway. She is interested in the possibilities of kinetic movement in language, water bodies, the archive, and site-specific writing, and is currently working toward a PhD which considers the movements of water, which occur on both a molecular and geographical scale, as structural, linguistic, and philosophical models for poetry. Briony’s publications include Dorothy (Broken Sleep Books, 2020) and Microsporidial (Sampson Low, 2020). Her work has been featured in Datableed, Permeable Barrier, Stride Magazine, and Decorating Dissidence amongst others. Her limited edition bookworks have been collected by bookartbookshop, Senate House Library, National Poetry Library, and the Foyle Special Collections at Kings College London. Briony is a founding member of the Crested Tit Collective, and curates the Crested Tit Collective pamphlet series.


Cat Chong

Cat is a transcultural twister child negotiating an embodied rejection of fixity and belonging, they’re a graduate of the Poetic Practice MA at Royal Holloway currently doing a PhD on global female-authored illness narratives at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore where they’re the recipient of an NPGS scholarship. Cat’s a proud queer crip whose durational work flails wildly between conceptual and confessional tendencies. Their interests include ecology, feminism, gender, health, contemporary poetics, medical humanities, and disability studies.


Laura Hellon

Laura is a founding member of the Crested Tit Collective, and is a graduate of the Poetic Practice MA course. She is currently working within innovative poetics to consider the politics of commerce through the lens of day to day objects. Laura’s limited edition bookworks have been collected by the Poetry Library, Senate House Library, and the Bodelian Library, University of Oxford. She has read her work as part of the Royal Holloway Boiler House Sessions, the Small Publishers Fair, Rustique the Literary Cafe, the Poetry Cafe, and at the Runnymede Literary Festival.

Tese Uhomoibhi

Tese is a Nigerian born Third Culture Kid Performance Poet and Storyteller. She is currently a student of the MA Creative Writing Poetic Practice Program at Royal Holloway University of London and is interested in exploring a poetics of implied storytelling through fragmentation, and embedded lore. She uses archetypes of childhood such as fairytales, African folktales, and nursery rhymes to explore childhood trauma. When not turning your favorite childhood memories into works of horror she does live-streams on history, culture and feminism on Periscope. She has performed her poetry at the Small Press Book Fair London, Thats What She Says London and at the Abuja Literary Society in Nigeria. She has also performed her work online on the OwnVoices Channel on Periscope and on her personal periscope platform at periscope.TV/TheBlackTCK. Her work can be found at the National Poetry Library and everywhere online @theblacktck and on her website.

Tanicia Pratt

Tanicia is a content writer, poet, and plant mom from The Bahamas. Her writing is a form of memory, archived or unearthed, to depict the many selves of the Caribbean landscape. Her work has been published by the grace of Palette Poetry, PREE, POUI, Write About Now, National Poetry Library, among others. She has performed at Antiquities, Monuments & Museums, the Central Bank of the Bahamas Art Gallery, and the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas. Tanicia received her BA in Marketing from The University of the Bahamas and is studying her MA in Poetic Practice at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Chloë Proctor

Chloë Proctor is a London based poet. Her work is situated in response to contemporary poetic theory and is developed on RHUL’s Poetic Practice MA programme. She considers her practice to exist in the chthonic realm of involuting soil poetics [read Donna Haraway]. She is interested in interjections, clashing discourses, soil, fungus and semantic mess-making. Her work has appeared in Azimuth, the Ecology of an Ear, Alterity and Corbel Stone Press’s Contemporary Poetry Series: Nature & Language, as well as many self-published artist books. She is also a massage therapist at Kyema.

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