Rewilding: An Ecopoetic Workbook

As part of our launch, we’re also releasing a PDF of the discussions that we had during the process of forming the anthology; this is a free and open resource guide of websites, organisations, books, and whole host of questions that we certainly don’t have answers for! Click on the link below to download theContinue reading “Rewilding: An Ecopoetic Workbook”

Rewilding: An Ecopoetic Anthology – Launch Festival

Grab your house plants, hug a tit, and get on your computer becuase its here folks! The Rewinding virtual festival will be starting on the 13th with an readings from some of our favourite poets. Join us on the 14th for some amazing panels from Caroline Harris, Sarah Hudis, and Richard Carter. Then finally on theContinue reading “Rewilding: An Ecopoetic Anthology – Launch Festival”

The CTC Celebrates: Briony, Cat, and The Babel Tower Notice Board

We’re so unbelivably excited to see an excerpt from [complication] by Briony Hughes and Dear Lettera 32 by Cat Chong in the Babel Tower Notice Board! We are in awe of Briony’s work and were very happy to see it described as an emotive accumulation of wonders! They believe streetcake magazine said it best whenContinue reading “The CTC Celebrates: Briony, Cat, and The Babel Tower Notice Board”

The CTC Supports: The Passenger Pigeon Manifesto – a call to GLAMs

Passenger Pigeon Manifesto A call to public galleries, libraries, archives, and museums to liberate our cultural heritage. Illustrated with the cautionary tales of extinct species and our lack of access to what remains of them. This manifesto calls on galleries, libraries, archives, museums, zoos and historical societies all over the world to permit access toContinue reading “The CTC Supports: The Passenger Pigeon Manifesto – a call to GLAMs”

The CTC Mentorship Scheme

A U-turn won’t make up for the heartache, the knock in confidence, and the already lost university places. We are horrified by how the A-Level algorithm has disproportionately affected working class and BAME students, and are launching a mentorship scheme in response. We will be offering a handful of year long mentorships for prospective CreativeContinue reading “The CTC Mentorship Scheme”

The CTC Celebrates: Rabbits, spores, and other companions

The CTC has gathered here to celebrate the launch of Briony Hughes’ Microsporidial with Sampson Low! Microsporidial is a meditation on the impact of an Encephalitozoon cuniculi infection in Briony’s companion animal, Honey. E- cuniculi is a protozoan parasite which primarily affects the brain and spinal cord of rabbits, resulting in head-tilt, paralysis, hind-leg paresis,Continue reading “The CTC Celebrates: Rabbits, spores, and other companions”

The CTC Celebrates: Tese Uhomoibhi reads at OTA’s Juneteenth Celebration

Tese Uhomoibhi is a Nigerian born Third Culture Kid Performance Poet and Storyteller. She is currently a student of the MA Creative Writing Poetic Practice Program at Royal Holloway University of London and is interested in exploring a poetics of implied storytelling through fragmentation, and embedded lore. She uses archetypes of childhood such as fairytales,Continue reading “The CTC Celebrates: Tese Uhomoibhi reads at OTA’s Juneteenth Celebration”

The CTC Celebrates: Dorothy by Briony Hughes

We gathered to celebrate the launch of Briony Hughes’ phenomenal debut pamphlet Dorothy with Broken Sleep Books! This work flows using a series of ‘via’ poems to explore the relationship of the River Thames to the politics of the female body and beyond. Dorothy is a secret history, or better, a reclaiming of history, salvaging centuries ofContinue reading “The CTC Celebrates: Dorothy by Briony Hughes”

CTC & Friends: EARTH DAY reading of Unnamed Dragonfly Species by Juliana Spahr

To mark Earth Day, the CTC and friends present a community recording of Unnamed Dragonfly Species by Juliana Spahr. We read as a reminder of two crucial things at this moment in our history: – That more and more of the Earth’s vibrant species are becoming extinct or endangered all the time. – That weContinue reading “CTC & Friends: EARTH DAY reading of Unnamed Dragonfly Species by Juliana Spahr”