Rewilding: An Ecopoetic Anthology (2020)

We’re so excited to have this wonderful project out in the world; thank you to every single person who contributed, attended our launch events, written reviews, and have celebrated this publication with us! While our own store is still finding its wings there are copies of the anthology available for purchase via AbeBooks, Blackwells, and Amazon.

We can barely believe our contents page! Our own Tanicia Pratt, Ariana Benson, Tese Uhomoibhi, Laura Hellon, Briony Hughes, Cat Chong, E.P Jenkins, and Chloë Proctor are joined by the stunning and imperative work of all our contributors!

And an act of care

In recognition of just how difficult this year has been, the CTC wanted to make a copy of Rewilding available to those who currently can’t afford to purchase a physical copy, in supporting our communities, we believe that no one should be left out of the essential conversation of climate intervention which is just as entagled in discussions of racial, feminist, and disability justice.

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