The Crested Tit Collective is an international community of poets working and performing across the UK and Singapore. The CTC is interested in innovative, feminist, and ecological poetics.

We are

Laura Hellon | Cat Chong | Briony Hughes |
EP Jenkins | Chloë Proctor | Tanicia Pratt | Tese Uhomoibhi |
Ariana Benson

The latest updates from the esteemed flock

The CTC Mentorship Scheme

As part of our efforts to build and support our community we’ve opened up applications for a year long mentorship scheme for those affected by the UK government’s disasterous A-level algorithm, this includes 1 to 1 mentoring from a CTC poet and a publication in 2021 with Broken Sleep Books!

The CTC Supports: The Passenger Pigeon Manifesto – a call to GLAMs

Passenger Pigeon Manifesto A call to public galleries, libraries, archives, and museums to liberate our cultural heritage. Illustrated with the cautionary tales of extinct species and our lack of access to what remains of them. This manifesto calls on galleries, libraries, archives, museums, zoos and historical societies all over the world to permit access toContinue reading “The CTC Supports: The Passenger Pigeon Manifesto – a call to GLAMs”

The CTC Mentorship Scheme

A U-turn won’t make up for the heartache, the knock in confidence, and the already lost university places. We are horrified by how the A-Level algorithm has disproportionately affected working class and BAME students, and are launching a mentorship scheme in response. We will be offering a handful of year long mentorships for prospective CreativeContinue reading “The CTC Mentorship Scheme”

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